How to own your health

with ease and pleasure

See your health in a whole new light by seeing it as a system. Get to know what makes your systems SICK and what makes them TICK. Then you take control of owning your health. MIND & BODY. 

Hi, there I’m Coach Ms.Mindful. I am a Certified Holistic Coach and herbal specialist. Also a Survivor of many things including ”ovarian cancer at 38. 

I say were all survivors! 

Can I get a Heck Yeah! 

The old saying ” I wish I knew then what I know now ” could've saved me from a lot of unnecessary suffering. (there is so much that we don’t know when it comes to the things we suffer from) 

When you work with me you will embark on a deep dive inward taking you through time with self. That is sure to move your soul, opens your eyes, and will have you standing in your SUPERPOWERS in Short Order! 

My " signature course " Your Blueprint

Is a 32 Lesson plan packed with all my life lessons and best practices in what makes us sick and more importantly what makes us TICK.


We are ripping the band-aid off and going into the roots and taking a personalized holistic approach. 

This is the only way to achieve health and abundance. 

I cover everything that affects are every day, 


•Understand systems in the body and what they need 

•Relationships that last a lifetime 

•Stress & Anxiety in your control

•Hormonal Harmony 

•Sleep like your designed to do

•Boundaries for the win

•Self -Care a priority 

•Physical life ( not that kind silly ) actually Yes I cover that too

•And everything else that lands in our lap on the daily

Let’s get real here? We are our hardest job! Whoever handed us the “ how-to” book on this one life? Especially in today’s “ blurred and toxic world!?”

More to come on that one! 

I will be your cheerleader and biggest fan. 

Of course when it fits in and feels good on your busy watch?  You’ll watch a video with me ( your personal tour guide at you’re service) while you follow along with your  ” lovely blueprint workbook” and short read that will have you going hhmmm? Bringing in the missing puzzle pieces. Making it all make sense.
The lessons take 10-15 minutes a day

4 days a week, giving you a 3 day weekend ( It is designed to take over 8 weeks but you have the option to do it at your own pace) 

You're welcome

There's so much to share so I'll see you in there. 

But don't forget to share and invite your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and anyone else you want to spread the LOVE too.

( Details on both course  below )

Me, Jennifer aka Coach Ms.Mindful on the left at 38 with ovarian cancer and on the right, 47 alive and vibrant today. Let’s just say I know a thing or two about living disease-free and ageless, to say the least.
Picture on the left at 38 with ovarian cancer on the right at 47 healthy and vibrant

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Ok, let’s get ultra-real for a second my friend

It took me years to finally figure out how to love myself from the inside out. Not only accepting all of me. Even the parts and pieces that aren’t my best attributes but truly loving myself at the deepest level. 

Having a greater understanding of self and how this HIGHLY intelligent body of mine operates. 

It has been a dedication, to say the least. More like an obsession. (that’s what cancer did to me) I’m never going down that road again. 

I’ve learned the TRUTH in what causes disease and how to live preventative

Not just cancer but everything else that leads up to it. Anxiety, stubborn weight, Hormonal hell, sleepless nights, pretty much all the things that bring us down, hold us back and keeps us from living the life we are so perfectly designed to LIVE. 

I know I know hard to believe I hear it often. Until of course when you KNOW. And when you know you know and that’s where the game changes! 

As a life coach to the POWERFUL FEMALE. It would be wrong of me to not cover everything that affects the BIG DREAMS. If we don't have health it's hard to achieve. The way we approach health today is beyond BLURRED. I go inward and cover it all. 

I witness women try so HARD to lose weight and get STUCK and can't figure it out? There is more to it than just working-out and diet! 

We don’t set out to lose weight without first knowing what we weigh. We can’t make a change until we know we have a problem. Even when we’ve identified a problem, we need to know where we’re starting from to understand the job ahead of us. 

More importantly, know how to fix the problem and not just put a band-aid on it. 

That’s ME! I’m the tour guide. 

As a mindful coach. I cover all areas to have MAXIMUM results. In my opinion and experience, this is the only way. Otherwise, we are always chasing, spinning our wheels, and running on empty.   

No thank you! 

To make any change in our lives, we need to know where we're at right now and how we got here, plus what science literature is saying. 

This is "The Personal Mastery "Blueprint

This will take you on a journey creating a clear path to where you're headed without having to figure it out all on your own and most importantly for it to make sense. 

It is possible to live in your genius, doing what you love and truly “have it all” 

It’s time to decide what you really want. No more sleepless nights, long hours of being everything to everyone and putting you on the back burner like last nights leftovers? 

It’s FUN, FASCINATING, TRANSFORMATIVE and if your ready for radical change this is for you!

Your time is now! 

Join me. 

We cry together and RISE together.

I’m dedicated to the health and abundance of the women I work with. 

I’m in it with you 

I look forward to this journey together. 
I’ll see you 

About me

and how I can help you

I am a survivor of many things including fighting ovarian cancer at the young age of thirty eight years old. 

At the time I was a single mom of three, working a high demanding six figure career in the beauty industry working with thousands of women. 

This started a fire in my belly and sent me on a mission to gain a greater understanding of why so much suffering in women from anxiety, stubbern weight, auto immune disorders, hormonal hell, fertility, all the way to disease like cancer? 

What I have learned is eye opening to say the least. 

Nine years now I have spent hundreds of hours studying (obsessing) in prevention of disease. Becoming a certified holistic coach and herbal specialist. 

Helping hundreds of women put their puzzle together. There is no one solution for everyone. Taking a personalized approach in understanding your personal blueprint is the only way to experience radical change. 

It is my passion to be the tour guide for women looking inward and getting to know themselves from the inside out. With the goal of guiding women in understanding their perfect temple and having a life long internal love affair with themselves from the inside out. 

This is where it begins. How to feel our best so we can live our best.

It fuels my soul to share this with women and the messages I receive from them brings me the greatest joy. 

I hope to do the same with you! 

XO! Jennifer 

Aka Coach Ms.Mindful 

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My Guarantee

If you finish all the modules and workbook and are not satisfied. I will return your money for the course.